Look, say what you will about Dream Theater but they remain one of my favorite all time bands. Sure, their latest albums don’t really hold a candle to some of the masterpieces of the past and I still yearn for the proggier days of yesteryear but it doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about new material from the band. And what better way to get me excited than a beautifully mixed live recording, complete with choir and orchestra? That’s exactly what the band released last night, in the form of ‘Strange Deja Vu’ taken from their upcoming Breaking the Fourth Wall (Live at the Boston Opera House). Get over the jump to hear it!


Live sound is something so hard to master, especially with so many different components in play. But I must say that, apart from the choir being a bit too loud in the verse, this is beautifully done. LaBrie sounds great, Mangini kills it on this little cymbals during the verse and I can hear Myung! All in all, I’m very excited for this DVD and hopefully we can get it on to the review table soon! You can pre-order it right here.



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