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When German progressive death metal act Obscura parted ways with Hannes Grossmann, it was a massive bummer. Grossmann is widely considered to be one of the best drummers in metal, and his songwriting and technical presence in Obscura will be greatly missed. The core of Obscura has always been frontman and guitarist Steffen Kummerer though, and the band’s continued legacy is ultimately up to finding a musician who can not only adeptly perform Grossmann’s material, but one that can write at that caliber as well. Fortunately, Obscura seems to have found their new skinsman in Panzerballett‘s Sebastian Lanser.

Lanser and Obscura bassist Linus Klausenitzer had the following to say of the lineup change:

“I am really looking forward into working together and sharing stages with Obscura! Since I am a huge admirer of the band and my good friend and drumming buddy Hannes Grossmann, i feel really excited but honored to take a seat on his former throne! This will open a totally new musical chapter in my career!” – Sebastian Lanser

“The role of a rhythm section in metal music is often misunderstood. I’m so happy that we found a drummer that has a great appreciation for dynamic, aggressiveness and groove. It was very important to us forming a new lineup that is able to create new unique and meaningful music within Obscura’s trademark sound. Just take a look at Sebastian’s impressive biography and you’ll see that it’s full of complex and extreme music in various styles. I’m a big fan of his playing and I can’t wait to make music together! He’s the perfect match!” – Linus Klausenitzer

Lanser will undoubtedly be an asset to Obscura’s overall sound moving forward. Panzerballett remained obscure throughout their career thus far, so it’s likely that few of you may be aware of Lanser’s talents. Check out the following video for a glimpse at Lanser’s abilities in a more subtle and technically minded nature:


And in the context of a fully-fledged song:


So yeah, Obscura’s percussion is in good hands. No word yet on who the group have tapped to replace Christian Muenzner on guitar duties, but expect an announcement soon.

– JR

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