coc-logoCorrosion of Conformity is one of those bands that means lots of different things to lots of different people depending on where in their evolution from hardcore to thrash to Southern stoner rock you happened to land.  There are people who are insanely passionate about each version of COC along the way. Video proof after the jump

While there’s still a lot of talk around the news we broke a little more than a week ago that guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan is returning next year, COC is for now the three-piece of drummer Reed Mullin, guitarist Woodroe Weatherman, and bassist/vocalist Mike Dean.  The band has just released the album IX on Candlelight Records and is rolling out a brand new music video for the song “On Your Way.”

While this is the same lineup from the album “Animosity” that was known as a hardcore band, much of this record is hardly hardcore.  Instead Mike and Woody are exploring some of that mid-90’s territory that most people associate with Pepper’s prime COC work.  It will be interesting to see where that collaboration will go.

So check out “On Your Way” and watch for COC out with Gwar in the fall.



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