Rings of Saturn Lugal Ki En Teaser

Rings of Saturn don’t need an introduction at this point. If you’ve been following metal news for the last couple of years, you know who they are. You may not know, however, that they have a brand new album coming out called Lugal Ki En. They’ve released a full album teaser for everyone to hear and it is ridiculous. Check it out after the jump, but make sure to keep a bucket beneath you while you listen so you can capture every last drop of your melted face.


This album will be insane. Did you hear those tapping sections? I heard those tapping sections and squealed. This album also seems to have a bit of comedy as well because it sounds like one of the songs has an intro done in Guitar Pro 6. It’s pretty great that Lucas Mann can have some fun with the shit he’s been put through.  Last, but certainly not least, that Pity for a Coward cover sounds nuts. 2007 deathcore fans everywhere are stoked. This album is definitely a must listen as of right now.


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