Thrash metal masters Exodus have premiered the first track from their forthcoming album, Blood In, Blood Out. The song is called “Salt the Wound”, and not only is it an absolute ripper, it features Kirk Hammett laying down a wicked, wah-wah infused guitar solo!  Listen after the jump. Oh, and prepare your neck muscles.

Blood In, Blood Out marks the 11th studio album for the band, as well as the return of longtime vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza, who last appeared on 2004’s Tempo of the Damned. “Salt the Wound” is kind of a Bay Area Thrash reunion of sorts, seeing as Kirk Hammett was a part of Exodus’ earliest incarnation, before leaving and joining a little band called Metallica. I have always thought and still maintain that Hammett should have stayed with Exodus, because they’ve always been the better band, and this track pretty much proves it. It makes you wonder what could have been had Gary Holt’s razor-sharp riffs been coupled with Hammett’s lead playing throughout Exodus’ career; not to discredit longtime guitarist Rick Hunolt and current guitarist Lee Atlus, of course, but still.

Blood In, Blood Out is due out on Oct. 14 via Nuclear Blast. Get your pre-order here.

– AL

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