Simple, straightforward and ever so slightly mind-numbing; behold, if you please, the unabashedly mediocre seventh studio album from Pennsylvania’s War of Ages, Supreme Chaos. The album’s thirty seven minutes run the gamut of repetitiveness without a single shred of awareness as to how terrifyingly mundane it actually is. All fans of metalcore, regardless of their respective experience with this sub-genre, have heard everything on Supreme Chaos before from lots of other bands. From the simplified breakdowns to the downright cyclic song structures and the pathetic vocal screams; it’s all there. None of it ever begins to challenge the listener’s taste or stimulate his thought.

The lyrical content of these ten tracks is loosely based around the Christian religion in which the band members seem to firmly believe. ‘Still Small Voice’ stands the tallest among the examples of this album’s shockingly amateurish lyrics but it is absolutely not alone. The immaturity of the lyrics on ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Renegade’, to name but a few, convey a sense of juvenile self-righteousness that just shouldn’t come from a band that wishes to be taken seriously regardless of whatever personal stance one may have towards one religion or another. Even the vocal performance with which these lyrics are spelled out doesn’t help. The backing vocals on the aforementioned ‘Renegade’ sound like they’re done by novice teenagers that are yet to perfect their singing capabilities. The lead vocals on the other hand shift ever so predictably with the formulaic song structure that dominates the album.

In all honesty, a scant handful of riffs and breakdowns manage to break the monotony of it all, but they are nowhere near enough. The guitar solo in the last forty seconds of ‘Lost In Apathy’ is probably the highest moment on this record while the main verse riff on ‘Amber Alert’ comes as a close second despite its short-lived effect. So with such few and far between highlights and a largely un-interesting composition, Supreme Chaos really falls far below average as a metalcore record and it is one that certainly doesn’t add anything to this sub-genre. It doesn’t present anything even remotely engaging and it’s an album that wouldn’t add much to even the most obsessive collector. Your time would be better spent listening to lots of other albums.

War of Ages – Supreme Chaos gets…




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