It’s come to the point where even my promise to not talk about the Australian metal scene in the post itself is overused. That’s how much good music we’ve had in the recent months from there and more is on the way. Meanwhile, let’s put our Aussie goggles on and focus in on Kettlespider. With their debut release behind them way back in 2012, the band are looking towards of their promising career. Why promising you ask? Instead of referring you to the solid debut that is Avadante, and leaving you to puzzle out its interesting concept before you truly dig into the band, let me refer you to a video they’ve just released next week. Perhaps drawing inspiration from the famous TesseracT live studio sessions, the young gents have entered Black Pearl Studios to give us a live rendition of one of their tracks, “Evolution”. Head on over the jump to hear it in full!


So, the influences on this range across the board but it’s definitely the Dream Theater vibes that are most dominant. However, what I like about the whole thing is that those influences are understated. Some vital parts of the core sound have been left out, like a profusion of shredding for example, and have instead been replaced with this almost post-rock quality to the whole thing. The entire intro of the song is straight up post-rock, which lends itself well to set the mood for later. Nearing the end, we are treated to some beautiful keyboard work that reminds me of my favorite Dream album, Falling Into Infinity. That’s right, you heard me.

In any case, head on over to the band’s bandcamp for more music and information. The word on the wind is that a full release of these live performances is to be expected soon, so that’s definitely something worth being on top of.



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