Better late than never, the staff in your Heavy Blog is Heavy tree house is finally on Instagram. Oh sure we’ve all had personal accounts but finally the blog has its own and you will never guess that the name is “HeavyBlogisHeavy”. Clever huh? More after the jump

Here’s the little widget thingy to click to get to our account


The plan is for all of our staff members to post to our Instagram whenever we go to shows or do interviews or anything else music related. We also want you to get in the habit of using #HeavyBlog when you post to the service and we will do it as a way to share pictures from you to us and vice versa.

For instance we had so much fun yesterday with our post on “Here’s What We’re (Really) Listening To” segment, that the first things we’ve posted to the account are the staff Last.fm 3×3’s. We also got some great submissions in comments and on Facebook but if you want to show us what you’ve been (really) listening to, post it to Instagram and tag us.

While you’re there give us a follow. And today in the comments please link us with metal-related Instagram accounts that we should follow.

My colleague Ryan Castradi will be the admin on the account so also hit him up with ideas and suggestions.


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