In case you were in the mood for the ever elusive good deathcore act, Australian deathcore titans Aversions Crown have recently inked a deal with Nuclear Blast records and aim to release their latest album Tyrant later this year. If the singles ‘Hollow Planet‘ and ‘Overseer’ are any indication of the direction of the rest of the album, it’s sure to be a monstrous follow up to 2011’s Servitude. Find out more and check out ‘Hollow Planet’ after the jump!


Servitude is still one of the best deathcore albums I’ve ever heard, entirely over the top, well written, and groovy as hell. ‘Tyrant’ is sure to top it, as the singles were both better than most of their debut. With Mark Lewis of Audiohammer studios taking care of mixing duties, it’s bound to punch you in the gut repeatedly. The apparent theme of the album is that of dystopian nightmares, and hostile extraterrestrial encounters. Surely something sci-fi fans can get behind.

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