Get ready, dear readers, because it’s time for Heavy Blog to once again name a genre from out of the blue. This time, we needed a catch phrase to describe the increasing number of progressive bands playing major-key, djenty music such as Intervals, Pomegranate Tiger and, indeed, Polyphia. We are therefore proud to present: nu-prog. To get a fixture on what we mean exactly by this term, simply head on after the jump and listen to Polyphia’s new track, off their upcoming album Muse.


So, as we said. Major key tuning, focus on technicality and a slight djenty feel along the bass and some of the guitar notes. This piece also features Aaron Marshall from Intervals and so nicely lends itself to our arising genre theory. I must say however that if this is the direction this sound is moving in, I remain a bit skeptic. Sure, these guys can play, but I found none of the riffs or leads on this track engaging or memorable in anyway. It’s certainly possible to make them such, as Intervals or Pomegranate Tiger have shown us repeatedly, but I’m just not feeling it with this one.

Head on over here to pre-order the upcoming Polyphia album. What do you think, readers? Are we being a bit far fetched or do you believe that this is something that can be classified as a genre? More importantly, do you like what you’re hearing? Sound off!



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