Two weeks ago, we brought the name of Hadal Maw to your attention, reviewing their upcoming albumSenium. In that review, I pointed out that the drums are an integral part of what makes this album tick, as they lend a variation and dynamism to the whole thing. It’s quite fitting then that the band have released a drum cam play through of ‘From The Mouth of Monsters’, one of the tracks off said album. Drummer Rob Brens is presiding and if that name doesn’t mean anything to you, you are in for a treat.  Check out the video after the jump to witness his skill for yourself.

Rob is a gifted drummer, operating alongside Hadal Maw in the super technical Alarum and death metal maniacs King Parrot. His command of the drums should come as no surprise then, as he brings his extensive musical education to bear on this specific metal style. Specifically, this track showcases what I mentioned on the review: the equal skill and weight given to the cymbals, alongside the dominant double bass, add a delightfully crisp tone to the whole thing. This in turn, along with the time-stamp variation and overall flexibility portrayed here, elevate the track into whole new realms of ability.

Keep a close eye on this space as we near release. Who knows what other treats the band might have for us? In the meantime, head over here to pre-order the album. It’s well worth your money!

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