Servers’ Leave With Us was a sleeper hit, as far as we’re concerned. Released sometime back in the foggy beginnings of 2014, it blends dark and atmospheric rock influences with just about everything that comes to mind. The band’s approach to their own brand, while perhaps counter productive, was also enticing and distinct, featuring shady allusions, downplayed occult influences and mystery. To this general air of alluring simplicity comes a video for Claustrophobia, a single from said album. Check it out after the jump!


The video’s general air of religions and occult significance definitely sits well with the complete symbolism of the band. Let’s let front man Lee Storrar do the talking:

“The song for the video, Claustrophobia, is about Crisis Creation, basically how people employ tactics designed to create or deepen confusion, fear, guilt or doubt. i.e. ‘you aren’t serving God the way he intended.’ For the video location we discovered this big derelict house and thought it was perfect. What we found there was disturbing. The video features a bunch of our fans, our ‘servers’. They signed up to our website, were allocated their server number and from there were invited to be included in the video, which was something we’ve been keen on right from the start, as we want people to feel involved and part of the band.”

[via Metal Hammer]



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