Servers – Everything Is OK

Sometimes, what you need out of our music is for it to be rock solid. The parameters of said music should be well defined, the execution reliable and engaging. You're not looking for experimentation or a breach in the boundaries of what you know but for emotional connection, groove and professional delivery. If you're feeling in that kind of mode, then Servers' Everything Is OK is here to scratch that itch for you. It's an album that relies on a decidedly modern approach to its music, tight production and focused composition shedding innovation in favor of communication and effectiveness. Splice that with a pleasingly nuanced social critique and you have an album which draws its strength from empathy and a shared human condition.

Servers – Leave With Us

In an age when an embattled music industry has sucked up hit after hit, record labels and their artists have found solace in the art of advertising. A brash band t-shirt, a solid tour slot, an enticing line of blurb, one fanatical album review in the right place and a strong social media presence.