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Aliases have an interesting band history behind them: formed in 2010, they started as a simple aggregate of music writing friends. However, the enlistment of vocalist Jay Berast soon sky-rocketed their career unto the biggest stages in Europe and finally landed them a deal with Basick Record. Unfortunately, Berast had to leave the band and his spot was taken by Joe Rosser, who had big shoes to fill. A video clip for ‘Exasperated’ featuring Rosser set some doubts at rest, but in case any remain may I suggest you had on over the jump and check out the band’s cover for the classic ‘Mad World’?


The track starts simply enough, changing little of the original Tears for Fears vibe. However, tech-y guitar parts are soon introduced in the background, along with great double bass, and Rosser quickly exhibits his extensive range, moving from the lower parts of the original track to higher screams more befitting Aliases’s sound. This is all part of their crowd-funding campaign for their second album by the way, so you should definitely head over there and check it out.



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