There’s definitely something weird going on with British bands and vocalists. Now I’m not saying there’s a massive conspiracy whereby Ozzy Osbourne sweeps through the night regularly on his flying fiery chariot made of money feeding on the attention spans of extremely talented metal vocalists, making them want to move on to other endeavors, like some kind of emotional vampire/sasquatch/immortal lizard man buuuuut…. Well no one’s ever proved that Ozzy doesn’t have a flaming chariot made of money, have they? So there’s that.

Regardless, tech-metallers Aliases are finally back and they have welcomed new vocalist Joe Rosser into the fold after an extensive search. Not wasting any time, the band have released a new track ‘Exasperated‘ complete with video accompaniment, which can be viewed below:


I’ve only managed to listen through ‘Exasperated‘ once but it’s pretty obvious Rosser was a great choice for their sound — his cleans and shouts sit perfectly over the top of the band’s always energetic and jittery riffs and anchor them into the territory of expertly catchy. Plus, it’s good to see them finally catching a break and being able to finally make proper progress on their follow up to their 2011 debut Safer Than Reality, which should apparently see the light of day later this year through those wonderful people over at Basick Records. You can download your very own copy of the track to love and treasure here at the band’s bandcamp page. Here’s to hoping Ozzy leaves them well alone this time.

– DL

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