Enigmatic? Profound? Drone? Yes, all these adjectives describe Earth, one of the most out-there members of Southern Lord Records, and that’s saying something. Their unique brand of drone and country, intense cacophony and chilled out melody, is simply second to none. And the latest track released from their upcoming album, Primitive and Deadly, featured the unimaginable for this ensemble: vocals! Earth have announced a US tour in support of the album’s release and they are bringing King Dude along with them. Check out the full release dates after the jump!


Earth Tour
Saying I’m jealous wouldn’t even begin to describe my feelings. I’ve been wanting to see Earth for ages now, as I imagine their shows are simply a massive sensory experience. Do yourself a favor and head down to any of these dates for some of the most emotionally taxing and enlarging aural adventures out there.


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