San Diego death metal stalwarts Pathology have unleashed a new track titled ‘Harvest’ from the forthcoming album Throne of Reign, set to drop August 5 from their own imprint, Pathology Music. The band initially shared a Lambgoat article from their Facebook page which failed to specify the pre-production nature of the track, leading to a major backlash from fans about the production. Earlier Thursday the band addressed the issue with a Facebook post, stating: “Hey Guys, The new song “Harvest” that was posted yesterday is a pre-production track!” Check out the track after the jump.


Color me baffled, but why they chose to release a pre-production track so close to release date is beyond me. ‘Harvest’ is standard Pathology fare, weaving chunky chromatic riffs with Suffocation-style blasts, charisma packed lead work, and the most guttural, belching death metal grunts the genre has to offer. There are no surprises here, and anyone looking for innovation will be sorely disappointed. Throne of Reign was made possible via a crowd funding campaign earlier in the year.



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