We’ve been going on and on about Australia but it’s really not because two of our contributors are Australian. We won’t bother you with the list of great bands again, especially because you’re probably already well aware of it. However, we will keep updating you when that list grows, as more and more bands from that part of the world raise their heads. This time, we have Chaos Divine, a groovy progressive metal outfit that’s been on my list for a while now, teasing their third album. Get after the jump doublequick to listen to it in full.


This is certainly impressive and well in line with the band’s previous works. Especially telling is the fact that these songs are pre-mix but still sound great. The vocals are mainly what caught my attention, displaying a depth and timbre that is captivating and grandiose. There’s no release date or name yet although the album was funded successfully last month. Keep an eye on this space for more info as it arrives.



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