botanist - VI

Experimental metal band Botanist, the brainchild of the mysterious Otrebor, has made the track ‘Callistemon‘ available for streaming, off their upcoming album VI: Flora, available August 11th through Flenser Records


Botanist is conceptual project telling the story of “a botanist gone mad at witnessing the destruction of the natural environment at the hands of man.” Despite the morbid and depressing concept, the song itself is relatively bright and upbeat, recalling recent post-black metal bands and their incorporation of shoe gaze into their music. However, Botanist sets itself apart through the incorporation of unusual instruments into the music, being likely the first metal band to use a hammered dulcimer in a lead melody role. This is warm, layered music that evokes a sense of nature, the mysterious and the primal.

Visit The Flenser’s Website for more details.

– CK


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