Have to love a good viral news piece. The hooplah surrounding Unfathomable Ruinations participation in the performance art spectacle Box Sized Die has certainly caused more than a few to pause for a moment and catch their breath (ahem). Thankfully, all of this buzz has shed light on what is definitely a charming slab of new death metal. Unfathomable Ruination have just released the second video from their recently released single on Sevared Records and if you like your slams bountiful, blast beats aplenty and vocals guttural and obtuse then check out ‘Parthenogenocide’ after the jump!


This is the second studio video the band have posted after ‘Idiosyncratic Chaos’ surfaced in early May. The multi cam playthrough videos give us, the viewer, an insight into the technical nature of the simple yet sickening music that Unfathomable Ruination perform quite brilliantly. ‘Parthenogenocide‘ itself shifts from galloping death grooves to blastbeats via slam sections and wild guitar leadwork. This London act, who hold Bloodshot Dawn alumni Doug Anderson among their ranks, are crushing a path before them with their new jams and I for one am quietly eager to check them out live given the chance!

You can grab Idiosyncratic Chaos as a download from the bands bandcamp page right now. All going well, they will come out of the box with blushed faces and and a new found respect for open air festivals.





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