Nexilva, the charming quintet from Sunderland, have just premiered their new video for ‘Necromancer’ via Metal Injection. The Subliminal Groove progressive death outfit put out a grandiose debut album earlier this year and are fast becoming my favourite British metal act. The video is a perfect foil of their last visual offering, leaving the clouds and snow of ‘Eschatologies’ behind in favor of a chilly looking beach where they smash out one of the best tracks from their debut album. Check the video after the jump!


‘Necromancer’ is apparently a continuation of the tale of the black shrouded figure who pops up near the end of the ‘Eschatologies’ video. Here, the cloaked menace appears to be in the process of bringing someone (who may or may not be front man Gaz King!) back from the dead, with a slow fade out leading this fan to believe that there is yet more to come. While there is something to be said about the clichéd pairing of metal bands and ominous foliage, the videolooks great and the performance section in particular looks incredible. While it is nigh on impossible to really capture the energy and exuberance of the band and the maniacal presence of King, this is as close as many will get for now.

If you want to feel evil with Nexilva and happen to be attending the UK Tech-Fest next weekend then check them out on the Saturday. You will not be disappointed and will more than likely leave with a new favourite band. Stay grim gentlefolk.



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