red kunz

  • The band contains none other than Aaron Beam and John Sherman of beer-swilling rock ‘n’ roll merchants Red Fang.
  • Alongside them are Louis Jucker and Luc Hess of Kunz, whom you may be more familiar with for their work with Coilguns and previously in The Ocean Collective.

  • The entire five track EP was written in a single week, culminating in a single gig in Switzerland.
  • The group pedal some old-school and dirty noise rock, with bass being drenched in fuzz and pushed right to the front of their sound. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I can’t see noise rock fans having it any other way to be honest.

Four Good Reasons‘ comes courtesy of MetalSucks, ahead of Teeth, Hair & Skin‘s August 15th release date.

For material that was written in one solid week, ‘Four Good Reasons‘ is definitely an interesting listen — it’s got that old-school ‘live’ feel to the sound, warts and all, that a lot of record intentionally get rid of these days, so it’s a nice change for the ears.

– DL



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