box sized die

As you all may know, extreme metal is no stranger to performance art. Last year, grindcore legends Napalm Death played a set through a PA system made of fragile ceramic, which deteriorated and broke apart as their set went on. Now, death metal act Unfathomable Ruination will be teaming up with Portuguese artist João Onofre for an exhibit in London wherein the band performs a set from inside a soundproof and airtight steel box.

From Culture24:

The unique performance art piece, Box Sized Die, by Portugese artist João Onofre, is part of the public exhibition Sculpture in the City.

Each performance will see the London-based band enter a two-metre square, hermetically-sealed steel cube and play a self-described “intense and brutal” set until their oxygen runs out.

Visitors to the piece are invited to observe the resulting vibrations from outside.

If you’re in the area, you can catch this strange act in person from July 3rd through August 1st at 6 PM, Wednesday through Friday. Report back with your findings!

Photo © Nick Turpin

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