If you’re a fan of the band, then you’ve probably noticed the distinct change that has come about for Chronographs. Gone are their days of winding and grooving technically minded metal, replaced with more of a post-hardcore sound, à la Thrice or At The Drive-In. Alongside this, the band have taken to a new format for releasing music, opting to release a single track every month and while previous months have found me too busy to post about it, I’ve kept up with the music — mostly because this approach leads to a surprisingly varied output, this time with the hugely upbeat and even poppy Summer track, ‘Flat White‘.

A forewarning that I seem to have to always point out, lest someone else do it for me, this isn’t heavy at all. Although the band they once were still shines through, especially in that off-kilter bridge section, you can check their store and embedded bandcamp links to hear the new Chronographs.


– DL


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