Xerath‘s third release has been looming on the horizon for a good while now. Following the release of, you guessed it, II back in 2011, it always felt like the band were right on the cusp of releasing something that could even top the brilliant mix of crushing metal and dramatic orchestral accompaniment that they had already showed. It seems the band were held back a little by the departure of guitarist Owain Williams, but now the band have found a replacement, it appears the release of III is back on track and will end up in out laps by the end of the year.


With III the band introduce new guitarist Conor McGouran and even a more organic approach to the orchestral portion of their music stating:

“We branched out more and enlisted the help of various live performers, such as a live string quartet, classically trained altos and sopranos, to give this album the level of production it required.”

But the most important detail? September 16th through Candlelight.

– DL


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