Anaal Nathrakh constantly put out insanely heavy albums that make me want to punch people and rip out their still-beating hearts while in the midst of a massive circle pit. Their uncompromising sound and consistent style is something I’ve grown very fond of, especially in an age where change is now considered the new norm. However, today we have great news about the rest of the year for the band, as they inked a deal with Metal Blade Records! Full statement after the jump.

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the addition of ANAAL NATHRAKH to its roster!

Comments ANAAL NATHRAKH: “We are very pleased to announce our signing with Metal Blade Records. It means we are joining a roster with some truly titanic figures, and a label responsible for releasing some utterly legendary albums. Few other labels can touch their legacy in metal. With Metal Blade’s reputation and clout behind us, we look forward to previously undreamed of levels of despoilment.

With their last album “Vanitas” garnering numerous accolades including appearing in various ‘best of 2012′ lists and winning first place in the Terrorizer readers’ album of the year poll (alongside second places in ‘best vocalist’ and ‘best band’), ANAAL NATHRAKH are set to reach ever higher on their mission to send the Earth crashing into the Sun with their new label Metal Blade and their excoriating new album to be released later this year.


Details on their new album, tours, etc. will all follow in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!



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