code orange i am king

The air of change has whistled through the Code Orange Kids camp and transformed them into simply Code Orange and, naturally, the music has evolved in turn too. I’m not one hundred percent on how to describe it, but it seems to take the off-kilter hardcore of Love Is Love//Return To Dust and makes it even grittier, noisier and more obtuse. Definitely an interesting listen.

The track is available to hear through the band’s propaganda site or simply through the video below.


But overall, I’m really enjoying the change. Code Orange were always one of those bands that threatened to go right off the deep end, but always manage to reign it in at just the right moment with the ruthless hardcore they do that we’ve come to know and love. So it bodes incredibly well for I Am King, which will be available from September 2nd through Deathwish.

– DL


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