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Pallbearer are one of those bands who just seemed to pop up out of nowhere almost overnight to critical acclaim. The group’s debut album Sorrow and Extinction was a community favorite when it dropped in 2012, and we’ve been digging them on and off the road since. Now, with a tour coming up in support of Deafheaven just around the corner, the Arkansas based doom outfit have announced their sophomore album Foundations of Burden, due out late this summer.

Via Facebook:

We are very happy to announce our forthcoming album, Foundations of Burden, will see the following release dates: August 19th in North America, August 22nd in the EU, August 25th in the UK, and late August in Japan. The album was recorded and mixed at Type Foundry Studios by Billy Anderson. Cover art is by our good friend Animetalphysical.

That’s exciting and all — yay new Pallbearer! — but it doesn’t really say anything about the record itself. Fortunately, Noisey did a report from the studio wherein bassist Joseph D. Rowland offers details on how Foundations of Burden compares to its lauded predecessor:

[…] I think it’s a much more dynamic record. The musical aspect of it is something that a lot of people can enjoy. It’s not as sluggish as Sorrow & Extinction. More people can find an element of it that they can enjoy, even if they just like classic rock. Listening to Sorrow & Extinction and Foundations Of Burden side by side, Sorrow & Extinction sounds like slow motion. While there are parts of the new album that are slower than anything on Sorrow & Extinction, there’s something that almost feels like Sorrow & Extinction was a record that was meant to be a 45, being played on 33. It’s slower than real life. The new album doesn’t have that feeling to me; it has more energy to it, but there are still parts that are really fucking slow. Sorrow & Extinction might be a little more niche than the new one. Pretty much anybody who likes rock and roll that can find something they like about the new album.

Good to hear that the band are trying a hand at speeding up the tempos a bit. Hopefully it’ll be just as crushing.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 – “Worlds Apart”
02 – “Foundations”
03 – “Watcher In The Dark”
04 – “The Ghost I Used To Be”
05 – “Ashes”
06 – “Vanished”

Get stoked. Foundations of Burden is out August 19th through Profound Lore.

– JR

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