mastodon once more round the sun

It’s been well documented how excited people are at the prospect of a new Mastodon album, us included. But as with everything they’ve offered us before, the number one question trailing off lips is ‘what exactly is it going to sound like?’ Especially considering the slight curveball (one which I enjoyed nonetheless) they served us with The Hunter.

And judging by what we’ve already heard, combined with the raging and surprisingly heavy ‘Chimes At Midnight‘, then it’s probably fair to say ‘a little bit of everything they’ve done so far’.


There’s sections and riffs in there that allude not only the spacious and progressive trip that was Crack The Skye, but also some moments that bring to mind the darker portions of Blood Mountain.

Naturally though, if you read through some of the YouTube comments (I’m not even sure why I do this to myself), you’ll find some people bemoaning it for being too ‘safe’. I just can’t see that.

Regardless, raise your hype and expectations for June 24th when Once More ‘Round The Sun drops.

– DL


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