Two Entombedcore posts in one day? I told you to buckle in.

NAILS, the band perhaps inadvertently responsible for the internet’s obsession with the hardcore-meets-Swedish-death-metal fusion genre, is getting the recognition and success they deserve, and not only in a way that borders on meme genres. The group have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the Nuclear Blast Records off-shoot called home by the likes of Machine Head, Suicide Silence, and Thy Art Is Murder.

Here is the press release:

NAILS Sign to Nuclear Blast Entertainment!

Southern CA based four man hatecrew, NAILS, have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment to release their as-of-yet-untitled third album. This rabidly anticipated full-length, is currently tentatively scheduled to be unleashed upon the masses sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

“After waging an oppressive blitzkrieg against the world in 2013 with Abandon All Life, NAILS will join the ranks of the legendary Nuclear Blast for our next campaign of grindcore/death/punk tyranny,” comments vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones. “Alongside the hate dogs is none other than Monte Conner, building on his work with gods like OBITUARY, DEATH, and SEPULTURA in bringing the extreme underground to the forefront of heavy music. Deep in a Southern California bunker crafting our newest LP, the tyrants offer sincere thanks to their former team at Southern Lord for their commitment to NAILS’ vision. Long live bleak aggression, crushing rage, and audial warfare. Long live NAILS. HATRED AD INFINITUM…”

NAILS was formed in December 2007 by Todd Jones, with the help of Taylor Young and John Gianelli. Their music can only be described as being beyond conventional aural brutality. Their unique blend of grindcore, death metal and punk invokes the most unabashed violent emotions, from the recesses of its listeners reptilian brains. Their raw sincerity, take no prisoners live show and D.I.Y. work ethic has earned the band a vast loyal following, and made them the most talked about band in the underground. The legendary Max Cavalera recently accurately declared their current album Abandon All Life as “one of the best albums of the last 20 years,” and NAILS to be “probably the heaviest band right now.” Prepare to be conquered!

The best news here is that NAILS has new music in the works for early 2015. I kind of feel like it’s shocking that this rabid and beyond-pissed hardcore band that appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few years ago are now among the most respected acts in metal right now. Hopefully their growing success continues.

– JR


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