trap them blissfucker

We’re gonna beat this Entombedcore horse well past its expiration date. Buckle in, folks.

Trap Them have been teasing us with a selection of goliath riffs and pissed off chaos from their much hyped about record Blissfucker for weeks now, and it’s finally time to experience the opus in its entirety thanks to Noisey.

You’ll expect to be fed through the wringer, but the shockingly catchy songwriting and on-point production from Converge‘s Kurt Ballou makes Blissfucker a highly enjoyable listening experience. Sure, the album is miserable and pissed off, but it’s fun at the same time. Such is Entombedcore.

Blissfucker will be out June 6th via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are still available at this location.

– JR


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