My most anticipated album of the near future is now available in its entirety! The Atlas Moth‘s third full-length record The Old Believerwhich features some fascinatingly interactive artwork — fulfills every promise it never really made. The group’ doomy post-metal elaborates further on its kaleidoscopic ambiance, meeting stoned-out sludge with haunting melodies with a decidedly blackened mystique. The Old Believer is a catch-all of dark and forward-thinking metal, and you can hear it in its entirety at Pitchfork.

Pitchfork’s music player is usually pretty dumb, but thankfully they’ve made some much needed improvements. Where static artwork once shuffled about, the player now features a visualizer that animates various assets form the artwork and layout. So that’s pretty neat!

So take an hour and get lost in The Old Believer, out June 10th through Profound Lore. Pre-orders are available at this location, sans vinyl. Someone get to work on selling me the wax, because I need it in my life.

– JR

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