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When it comes to the fickle online metal community, few bands are as divisive as Ice T‘s Body Count. Folks flipped shit when the band signed to Sumerian Records in late 2012, but the group hasn’t been very publicly active since then, with Ice T’s busy career keeping Body Count on the backburner. You’ll be seeing more of the vicious rap metal group in the coming weeks, as they’re preparing the release of their new album, Manslaughter, out June 10th. The album’s hilarious first single ‘Talk Shit, Get Shit’ is now available (after the jump), and it’s burning butts all over the place.


I’m gonna be honest; I don’t hate it. Regular staff writer Eden Kupermintz asked me, “how do you enjoy this? How is this any different from Emmure?” I can’t in good conscious justify it, but I can sure as hell try!

Ice T is a multi-millionaire actor and musician, and he won’t be shooting anyone in the foreseeable future for any reason. Surely Body Count is to be taken somewhat tongue in cheek, and in that way, I put them up there with The Hell in terms of guilt free ignorance. Plus, Ice T is at least somewhat legit insofar as the “I’m hard” attitude goes, whereas someone like Frankie Palmeri isn’t.

At the very least, even if the music isn’t that great, it’s enjoyable almost ironically. I know that’s a terrible excuse, and I hate it too, but what can you do? So yeah, allow me to walk around yelling TALK SHIT GET SHOT on a regular basis for the next few weeks. It’ll replace TURN DOWN FOR WHAT in my vocabulary. I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

– JR


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