Well, this is weird. According to Lambgoat and other sources, the Los Angeles based crossover band (they play some sort of mix between aggressive hip-hop and metal) has just signed to Sumerian Records. Yeah, that Sumerian Records. Now, I don’t really understand why this is the case, as I don’t really see the crossover appeal of Body Count’s music in the context of the greater body of Sumerian Records’ line-up, but…

Wait. No ‘but’, I really do not understand this decision what-so-ever. I’m not really bothered by this news, sure I may not like the band’s music, and see them mostly as a controversy machine for the sake of album sales, but adding a band to a label’s lineup does not instantly taint the music coming from the rest of the bands featured on the label, but I just don’t understand it. What appeal do they have to those people who love the djenty, prog metal that is so prevalent on Sumerian Records? Maybe this is aimed at the other side of the Sumerian line-up, the more scene oriented and commercial bands, but here’s the thing, Body Count are in no way scene. It just doesn’t really mesh with any sort of style or sound currently present on Sumerian Records.

[Edit: I’ve just been made aware that this is not the first instance of a signing like this for Sumerian, as they signed Bizzy Bones from Bone Thugs N Harmony awhile back, eventually releasing the artist’s fifteenth solo release through Sumerian. So there’s that.]

Now clearly I have no idea what Sumerian Records is thinking, as I have no ties with them, and any sort of ideas I throw out will be nothing but wild speculation, so I’m going to reserve my judgment and let Ash and co. do what they wish with their roster and go on with my happy-go-lucky life. Live and let live, I suppose.

Be sure to expect Body Count on Summer Slaughter 2013, and the band are apparently entering the studio sometime in January to record their new album, which is expected to see release late next year. Cheers.

– EC


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