coheed countdown
Let the speculations begin! Last night, Coheed and Cambria changed their website to one very mysterious page: a 19 and a half hour countdown towards…your guess is as good as ours. Following the incredible success that was The Afterman, one can only hope that this means we can expect a new album this year. However, knowing Coheed, this could be anything from another video to a comic book or any other sort of craziness.

But we’re hoping it’s a new album and perhaps a tour? The Afterman was truly a fine iteration of whatever it is Coheed do (indie-rock metal? Power-groove progressive?) and it seemed to contain some sort of undeniable new momentum for the band. So much so that we dedicated two posts to analyzing the concept behind it. Stay tuned as we bring you the final reveal of what this countdown truly was, as soon as it unveils in a few hours, at 2 PM EST. See you soon!



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