Source: Marko Ristic

It’s no secret that Leprous’s last album, Coal, is a modern day masterpiece. Even without that amazing album, they can be counted as one of the best and most original progressive acts of the last decade. It would be redundant to say that we’re eagerly expecting new material by them, since that is always true. Today, the band announced that gifted drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen will be leaving the band and will be replaced by Coal tour drummer, Baard Kolstad.

It appears that Tobias was simply unable to dedicate the time needed to a band like Leprous and thus had to step away. There is no reason for concern however, as Baard has been playing with the band through out the entire Coal tour and is thus no doubt proficient and comfortable with previous band material. While we are deeply grateful for the amazing work Andersen has done for Leprous, we’re also excited to see what the future holds for the new man with the sticks. Good luck Baard!


– EK


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