addict destiny potato

David Maxim Micic is a name associated with some of the more interesting creations of the last few years. Being an excellent producer, he seems to have been gifted with the talent of bringing many different creators under his vision and making them something more. We praised his last endeavor as a powerful album that further cemented him as a name to be watched. Yesterday, one of Micic’s ensembles, dubbed with the peculiar name Destiny Potato, released a track off of their debut album Lun.  Fingers itching, we immediately rushed over to get a taste of what he had planned for us next. You can follow suit after the jump!


We were not disappointed. Familiar from Micic’s last release, Aleksandra Djelmas returns with her immensely powerful vocals, ranging from epic to guttural. The instrumentals are peculiar and engaging, backed by enough meaty riffs to keep us hooked. To be frank, everything past the 5 minute mark is superb, blending a catchy breakdown with Aleksandra’s growls to immediate and overwhelming effect. In short, this looks to be another excellent release from Micic, judging by this snippet. Color us excited and stay tuned for more info!


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