moonsorrow boxset teaser

Hope you guys aren’t tired of hearing about Finnish label Blood Music, because they’re basically Heavy Blog: The Label in terms of their roster of artists at this point. They’ve got a direct line to our hearts. And our wallets.

They were in the news last week for promising first-ever vinyl releases from both Xanthochroid and Cormorant in 2015, and we also missed the news that Vulture Industries were getting the Blood Music treatment as well. Now, they’re teasing the largest metal boxset in history with a pressing of the entire Moonsorrow discography.

Blood Music will be announcing one new bit of information per day about the ambitious project, which has been two years in the making, over on their Facebook page. They’ve so far announced a pre-order date of May 28th, but they’ve shared with us that the boxset will come in at a whopping 14 LPs. Forget metal, is this the largest vinyl boxset ever? Someone with more time and patience than I can figure that one out.

This is purely speculation on my part, but I’d imagine this set will include all six Moonsorrow studio albums in 2xLP form (a total of 12 LPs) as well as their 2008 EP Tulimyrsky (actually 68 minutes; some EP!)  and a compilation of demos taking up the other two discs. Who knows though, there could be some surprises in store!

If you’re into Moonsorrow, best start setting your money aside. Less than a month until this pre-order drops and there’s no way this thing won’t be astronomically priced, and for good reason. Blood Music 2xLP packages run at about $30 USD. With additional boxed packaging and shipping, I would expect to spend upwards of $250. Reasonable considering the monstrous size of this release.

Again, this is just speculation, so check in every day if you’re interested in order to get the slow drip of news as it comes in.

– JR

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