machine head killers and kings

If you were able to partake in Record Store Day, then perhaps you were able to pick up the new Machine Head 7″ Killers and Kings, which featured a demo of a new song with the same name, as well as a cover of an Ignite song. If you weren’t able to make it to your local record store, however, and were really dying to hear the new jam, fret not! You can stream the song for your listening pleasure after the jump.


It’s been three years since Machine Head’s last full length, so it’s about time they released some new material, and ‘Killers and Kings’ surely does not disappoint. It’s got everything that makes Machine Head great; a mean groove, Rob Flynn’s iconic vocals, and the band’s signature guitar harmonics.  It’s promising to hear that Machine Head have not lost any of their swagger, despite parting ways with bassist Adam Duce last year and leaving Rob Flynn the sole original member of Machine Head. The band has since found a replacement in former Sanctity guitarist Jared MacEachern, who performed on this single. If anything, this ought to hold us over until the band release their new album, which is due out sometime later this year.



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