cult leader

Rising from the somewhat confusing ashes of GazaCult Leader have wasted no time in getting together and putting together some truly ruthless and grinding hardcore. It’s one of those records you could easily sit there and pile on the hyperbole, but you’ll still never quite come close to describing to sheer visceral crunch that occurs the moment ‘Flightless Birds‘ kicks in.

Thankfully, there’s not even a waiting period any more, as Nothing For Us Here, their debut EP, is now available to stream through Slug Mag.

I guess the first thing many people are going to want to know is: does it sound like Gaza? Well, yes, that’s kind of understandable when you’ve got the main brunt of their ‘instrument playing’ contingent present, but the music here is more than good enough to stand up on it’s own two, quite frankly gnarled, legs and it’s kind of a shame that it’ll find it hard to escape those comparisons. He says, comparing them.

– DL


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