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UPDATE: Contributor Ryan Castrati gave us an updated quote, because he was also at this show. Rody’s words were, “I love him to fuckin’ pieces, but he quit.”

ORIGINAL: At Protest the Hero‘s show last night in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rody Walker was doing his usual comedian act between songs when he announced that touring bassist Cameron “Cam” McLellan had pneumonia when someone shouted from the crowd “Where’s Arif?” Rody, in his typical joking fashion, corrected the pronunciation of Arif’s name and followed it up with “He fuckin’ quit. He quit, it’s no longer a big secret now, but I still love him to pieces.”

The above quote isn’t verbatim and comes from the Reddit user’s memory, but it’s safe to say that Arif’s absence on both this and last tour may confirm that he has left the band for good.

Rody went on to jokingly state that Lamb of God is on “some kind of hiatus” and Chris Adler, who performed on the recording of Protest the Hero’s Volition, would be replacing now full-time drummer Mike Ieradi. Of course, he was only joking, as he’s prone to do.



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