pyrrhon mother of virtues

For some reason or another, New York City’s Pyrrhon have under 2,000 likes on Facebook, which is a major travesty. The up-and-comers have made a name for themselves as the potential next-in-line heir to the throne forged by the likes of Portal and Gorguts, and their otherworldly acid-washed death metal sound landed them on the Relapse Records roster for the release of their sophomore album The Mother Of Virtues.

The album is currently streaming in full over at Pitchfork, so if you can put up with the terrible interface — good idea/bad execution — then you can get your dose of The Mother Of Virtues‘ disturbed technical rhythms a week ahead of its April 1st release.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the record over at Relapse.

– JR


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