tesseract altered state 8bit

The 21st century is a wonderful place sometimes. Horrors abound, but beauty is also to be had. Weird beauty. Case in point: YouTube user z Smuffanz has rendered TesseracT‘s Altered State into 8-bit. In its entirety. Altered State is already an amazing album, in no small part due to the emotion-drenched instrumentals.

These sounds are only elevated by the nostalgic sound of Gameboy fame. We’re not sure it’s only the nostalgia though: something about the cheesy drum sound combined with the sweet djent riffs has a certain allure. Regardless, this contributor has already listened to the whole thing twice and is well on his way into the third. So blow on the cartridge, find a good spot away from the sun and dive into Nintendo bliss.

You can stream the whole thing below.




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