bloodshot dawn album 2 update

Bloodshot Dawn — you might be forgiven for not knowing them based on the fact that they’re completely unsigned, but then you be missing out on one of the best bands the metal underground has to offer these days. They combine the effortless meandering of Revocation with the technically adept flourishes of Arsis to create some mutant strain of death metal inspired thrash (or thrash metal inspired death) that is genuinely face-melting. So, what better time to jump on board the hype train, than the build up to their second album?

The band have decided to put together a Kickstarter campaign for the new record, that should see the light of day in the coming months, but in the mean time they have begun to upload some video diary materials — the first of which showcases not only their new drummer Janne Jaloma, but also new material too.


Wallets at the ready, ladies and gents. Mostly gents, let’s not kid ourselves.

– DL


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