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I’m a fairly recent fan of California deathgrind outfit Cattle Decapitation, having enjoyed The Harvest Floor in passing when it first came out and absolutely loving Monolith of Inhumanity. I already own Monolith of Inhumanity on vinyl, but I’ve long since missed out on the band’s back catalogue of records. Fortunately, Metal Blade’s got my back on this one. They’re undergoing the huge task of pressing every Cattle Decap record to vinyl in 2014.

Throughout the year, new additions will be put up for pre-order as they become available, starting with their debut To Serve Man. Here are some details:

“To Serve Man” (Longpig Slaughter colored vinyl – red splattered on pink)
“Humanure” (Bloody Stool colored vinyl – red splattered on brown)
“Karma.Bloody.Karma” (Blood On Blood colored vinyl – red splattered on blood red)
“The Harvest Floor” (Bloody Steel colored vinyl – red splattered on silver)
“Monolith Of Inhumanity” (Golden Landfill colored vinyl – confetti multi color splattered on gold)

To be honest, I’ll probably only pick up The Harvest Floor when it drops, but for all you completionists, you can buy a box to house the discography for $10. Start your collection by pre-ordering To Serve Man (complete with remastered audio!) now at IndieMerch. Be on the lookout for the next pre-order, Humanure, in the coming months.

– JR

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