wild-throne-blood-maker-coverWild Throne

Blood Maker

01. The Wrecking Ball Unchained
02. Shadow Deserts
03. Blood Maker

[Brutal Panda Records]

Encountering a wild animal, your breath catches in your throat. A million possibilities flash inside your head, racing to find the right reaction and save yourself. As the animal growls,  you realize that now is not the time for decisions, but for guttural reaction. Your chest constricts painfully in anticipation. That constriction of your chest is Blood Maker by Wild Throne. It’s feral, primal and drips a strange, sexual magnetism. Relying on fuzzy guitars, bottomless bass, and frantic drums, Blood Maker reaches into your heart and gives it a rough, glorifying squeeze.

From the first moment, lulled with captivating lyrics and enchanting vocals, you’re struck with an encompassing sense of wonder. The music hits you when you’re most vulnerable by erupting into a heady mix of Red Fang riffs, exuding fast-pace, sludgy goodness. The bass answers in kind, presenting a thick and rich undertone to the already ruffled sound of the song. Lastly, the drums are breakneck and flashy, echoing Mastodon on their earlier albums and displaying the same kind of virtuoso talent. The first track then is indeed ‘The Wrecking Ball Unchained,’ revealing the full might of this EP’s sound.

The second track, ‘Shadow Deserts’, plunges deep into the insanity at the core of Wild Throne. Imagine The Mars Volta on speed. The already devastating guitar tone is dirtied even further and the bass takes the reins, sketching some of the most infectious doom rock sounds known to man. The last track of this short roller coaster is self-titled. The vocals now channel Led Zeppelin‘s Robert Plant, enticing and powerful.  This track is most suited to the EP’s artwork; you stare into those blue eyes and feel the power and madness brewing behind them. Yet, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the final creation; it has nothing for you and it’s not going to wait.

There was no reason to make this EP longer and Wild Throne should be applauded for that. It pushes you far, but just far enough. The variety and power contained therein makes sure that you’ll come back to this potent release time and again. It is a progressive, complicated, and mature creation that has maintained its heart without giving away any of the performers’ skill. Like a wounded finger or a half-remembered place, Blood Maker contains a painful allure; the sweetness of a rotten fruit or the charm of the witch.


Wild Throne’s Blood Maker gets…



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