exmortus - slave to the sword

There’s just something instantly satisfying about a great thrash band. Maybe it’s because a lot of us cut our teeth on the genre in the form of the ‘Big 4’ who are pretty much the gateway bands to nearly all forms of underground metal, but when you find a band that can churn out those machine-gun riffs and double pedal to make you feel the same way you did the first time you heard ‘War Ensemble’, then… You know, you know, you can deal. You know that you’re thinking, you know.

Exmortus embody that completely, it’s vicious brand of razorwire riffs with just the right amount of added technicality and instrumental prowess to add to the song, rather than distracting from it. I checked out their new album Slave To The Sword when it dropped earlier in the month, but it’s only recently that I’ve had time to give it a proper chance and I’m glad I did. When you hear ‘Foe Hammer‘, you’ll know why.


It sits somewhere between modern day Testament or a more traditional Revocation, but the bottom line is it’s fucking great.

– DL


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