author and punisher masks

The world of Author & Punisher is a strange but fascinating one. Tristan Shone crafts churning industrial doom with machines of his own making, forgoing more traditional approaches in favour of a monolithic mechanical nightmare through which he moulds various loops and mic’d up monstrosities to create one hell of a din. Plenty of interviews have taken place and give a better description than I can, but now Shone has returned to show off one of the newest additions to his machine — a variety of masks to modulate his voice in various ways.

The video comes courtesy of Wired and should be a fascinating watch whether you’re a fan of the music or not. The simple fact is, there is no one out there doing this sort of thing, at least on the scale he is.


They all sound fucking terrifying, especially the pneumatic powered gate mask. So hopefully we’ll hear some of these sounds pop up if and when we get some new material.

– DL


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