fallujah in studio

Progressive and atmospheric death metallers Fallujahwho tied us over with the successful Nomadic EP last year — have taken up shop in Oakland’s Shark Bite Studios for the recording sessions for their sophomore full-length album. We’ve gotten a look at some studio footage, and by the looks of things, the band are quite possibly embracing the change seen on Nomadic and are ramping up on the atmosphere.

On the full-length I’m sure we can expect the perfect marriage of death metal and ambiance that the band have managed to cultivate, but I’m sure the powerful soundscapes heard in the five minute video aren’t mere “stock” throwaway tracks. They’re leading somewhere.


But of course we get a glimpse of tracking drums and vocals that give a more well-rounded picture of the material, which we’ll get to hear in full this summer. Keep an eye out for part 2 of the studio updates, due out soon.

– JR


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