Hot off the trail of fire left by last year’s Bushcraft, Vancouver’s Baptists have announced their plans to record the follow-up, once again with the legendary Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio. Apparently the band will return to the studio in late April, suggesting we will probably see the results later in 2014.

And, of all people, it seems The Foo Fighters are stoked on this news. As late last night, the band’s Facebook page shared the following recent studio session of the band with the tagline ‘Drummers Beware!!!’


This may have something to do with the band covering Nirvana‘s ‘Tourettes‘ a couple of years back, but either way, it’s been known for a good while that Dave Grohl at least is huge appreciator of metal, so maybe he’s just got his finger directly on the vein of exciting new hardcore bands?

Also, it’s always funny to see two seemingly disparate worlds collide, so there’s a whole load of ‘doesn’t that hurt his throat?’ and ‘Oh look, another heavy band with screaming and 3 chords.’ If you needed a cheap laugh today, then you found it.

Oh and if you’re a mug that hasn’t checked out this blisteringly heavy band yet, then you should probably amend that pretty quickly.

– DL


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